I am a personal trainer in Coventry with over two decades experience. I have helped hundreds of people throughout the UK improve their bodies and lifestyle. I pride myself of providing the highest quality personal training available. With a vast amount of knowledge regrading fitness, health, nutrition and healthy living, I enjoy helping others reach their body and lifestyle goals.

Regardless of whether your already training and looking to reach your pick fitness levels, or are simply looking at ways to start training and improve your health, I can help. My tailor made training programs are unique to each and everyone of my clients, ensuring that they get the most out of each session.

As a fitness and health enthusiast, I love to pass my knowledge on to others. For hints, tips and friendly advice please take a look at my fitness blog for some inspiration and information on leading a healthy lifestyle

one to one training

Training Designed for Individuals

My years of experience have taught me that everyone is an individual. No one training program will meet everyones needs. This is why I work closely with all my clients. I listen to their goals, the results that they would like to see, and the out come that they are looking to achieve.

Based on your goals I design a tailored fitness program, with workouts and training sessions specifically designed with your goals in mind. Whether its high intensity workouts, weight training or cardio, my bespoke training will ensure that you have the best chance of success.

With my fitness programs, training does not stop at the gym! I provide advice on nutrition and healthy eating, helping you manage your daily food intake and making sure your body gets the fuel it needs.


Now in my fifties I have managed to keep in great shape! Through following my own fitness and nutritional program I feel the healthiest I’ve been all my life.

Regardless of your age, current body size or fitness levels, I can help you get into great shape too. I enjoy nothing more than passing my own training advice, diet plans and lifestyle tips onto others.

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