Appreciating Your Body


Everyone has their own personal story mine started at 18 with some weights and a bench in my house. I have now reached the grand old age of 54 years young. I am the father of 3 and grandfather of 7.

Little did I know that by using those weights in my house would start a lifelong passion of a health and fitness, which has turned into a lifestyle. With the internet and Social media there is so much information out there now that it is so hard to know what is B/S or are they trying to sell you some product with a pack of lies, if you take this and take that you can look like this. There is no shortcut to having a great looking healthy body, but I have learnt of many years the tools for the right exercises and the right nutrition that, and this all starts with the right mind-set to put it all into action.

I myself never stop reading, watching videos on everything to do with health, fitness, nutrition and mind-set. I have built my body to how I want it to look even having a six-pack at 54. I have learnt how to maintain it with the best exercises and proven nutrition that works for a great looking body healthy body and to lead that healthy lifestyle that can work for just about any age group, my niche area is 40’s plus. Knowing what works with the changing biologically as with our hormones as we get older, with how long you train, with what your digestive system has a tolerant for with certain foods. The things you can get away with in your 20’s and 30’s soon start to change, e.g your digestive system starts to get more sensitive, which affects your hormones levels which then affect your chemical balance which affects how you eat and sleep, which starts to affect your weight, which goes to affect the lifestyle you lead. Peoples live now are a lot more sedentary mainly sitting down, driving to work sitting in front of a computer come home make dinner sit down watch some T.V, then the whole cycle repeats it’s self over your working life.

Experience in eastern culture is far more valued than in western society, which mostly is all about the younger generation. But in life there is no substitute for wisdom and knowledge. My point being is look to those who have achieved their goals and are moving forward teaching what they have learnt from their own experience in life and pass it on to teach others and add value to their life’s. This is how my passion for living a healthy long life mentally and physically drives me every day for how I lead my life and how I can teach others how to value their life more.

Human-beings are the most unbelievable and amazing organism born on our planet, and a large number of the population end up using this amazing body as a dump truck with no thought of what they are putting inside themselves, until it gets sick and then, oh I better start looking after it now and start making some changes. But a lot of the time the damage has been in the strong younger part of our lives and now in the mid or older years of our life’s when the bodies is not as strong as when it was at its peak years and now they choose to start paying attention to it. If when we were born we had to pay a mortgage or maintenance fee as we do with our houses and other material stuff, I wonder if we would pay much more attention on the body that we live in. But because we are born into this world for free we don’t value ourselves as much as something we would have to pay for.

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