BIOMECHANICS – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Body Types

Different exercises use different biomechanics for different body types. For example, ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. You need to find out what body type you are. I have a previous post that explains this, check it out here.


For many years I did bench pressing, that was what you did for your chest, bench press flat and incline. All that happened to me was that my shoulders got bigger because the biomechanics of my particular body which is an ectomorph, did not suit that sort of exercise, I had just over developed my shoulders and not much of a chest. It was only when I started to do dips and cables exercises that my chest improved.

Bad habits

Old habits die hard, lots of people, me included seem to do what we think works because the majority of other people are doing exercises this way especially in the gym. Even now with all the information freely available online and even on our phones which teach you the right way to exercise I still see people making the same old mistakes.

Testosterone Syndrome

I remember in my twenties and thirties just trying to push as much weight as I could especially on bench press, squats and deadlifts and guess what? That was the time when I had my worst long-term injuries, but being young and full of testosterone I carried on as before. The difference then was that being younger you heal a lot quicker. The older you get unfortunately that is not the case.

Biomechanics Science

The science of movement and the biomechanics behind your particular body type will help you to exercise the correct way. Never just do what everyone else is doing. Feel your body, let it tell you what the right exercise is, and notice, say over a month, if you are getting the best results, if not try another one.

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