Fit at 53 – The Secret to My Body

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It has taken me over 30 years, but I’ve finally foud the remedy for achieving and maintaining a great body, whilst being happier than I’ve been before! But wait, it gets better… I’m spending LESS THAN 4 HOURS IN THE GYM each week and EATING THE FOODS I LOVE!
It’s time you took control of your life too! You too can get yourself in the best shape you’ve ever been in, whilst still eating the foods you love and not spending all your time in the gym!

There’s more, not only can you get over 30 minutes of footage teaching you the secrets to my success, you’ll also get 2 free ebooks!


Made in The Kitchen (Ebook)

Made in the Kitchen is an ebook written by Andy Wilkinson, a lifelong fitness and healthy lifestyle fanatic and coach.

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Value Yourself (Ebook)

With over 30 years experience as a fitness & health fanatic, Andy Wilkinson has the secret to life completion, starting with yourself.

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