Food to help lose weight


Egg’s have been a natural source of food since the dawn of man, also one of the best natural source’s of proteins you can put into your body. There are various ways your can eat your egg’s either poached, fried, scrambled , or hard-boiled. I personally like to have 2 poached egg’s in the morning on a small to medium-sized slice of seeded brown bread.This nutritious meal can be eaten any time of the day or early evening. This very healthy little meal has served me well over many years & I would  thoroughly recommend it to anyone for having all the vital ingredients for sustaining one’s appetite and also a great little energy booster.


Simple but oh so rich in energy, great for your digestive system with fiber trawling round your system reducing spikes in your blood sugar keeping you fuller longer. You can add many things to your porridge, I like to add a heaped spoonful of milled flax-seed, which is a good source of oil for my joints. I also add a handful of almonds which I soak over night to release the essential vitamins and minerals for better absorption into your system. I do occasionally add some blueberries not only because they are very good for your immune system but just I love them. I am not a big dairy fan as I’ve learned from listening to my body over time, it functions much better without cows milk . So for me it either soya or almond milk that works best with my system. You may think that this is something to have only in the morning but its something you can have any time of the day if you wish. Don’t let your mindset dictate when you think you should eat certain thinks, Eg, porridge for breakfast only, its great any time of the day also as a great energy booster.


I have been taking avocado’s for over 2 decades, many years before they became so popular for their natural health benefits including a good source of fat for the body and being fantastic for the skin. I take half an avocado in the morning, nearly every day, I know a lot of people say they don’t like the taste, I say get used to the taste, as I believe it is one of the super foods that are amazing for our bodies and has contributed to giving me a very healthy and happy  lifestyle.I take one tablespoonful of peanut butter in my porridge also most mornings as this also adds a good source of fat for the body.


All of these foods on a regular basic throughout the day over time are a proven way of helping to control weight lose, keeping the system moving and shifting calories With at least a minimum of 3 to 4 hours exercise a week and also the right portion control with your food intake.