Portion Control


As one of the few personal trainers in Coventry that not only provide expert advice on exercise and fitness, I also pride myself on providing clients with the best nutritional and diet advice available.

The sizes of a portion of food have changed over the years. This trend might be seen a lot in pubs, restaurants, supermarkets even in adverts for food.  There are studies that have shown that people consume more calories by not realising that it is down to the food portion they are consuming.

What is a portion?

How can you know that a portion of food is reasonable when you see it? Visualize the food in the following list:-

  1. Vegetables, fruits: quite a large portion of veg, 1 apple e.g. 5 oz
  2. Pasta: A cupful
  3. Meat, Fish: 6 oz
  4. Peanut Butter: A tablespoon.
  5. Potatoes: 2 small ones
  6. Cheese: 3 small cubes
  7. Crisps and pretzels 25 g

 Larger portions

The portions of food began to increase in the 80’s with the fast food eating places. For example, a standard bagel size was 3 inches and  140 calories, now it could be 6 inches with 350 calories.

The main trouble with this is that people can suffer all kinds of problems by overeating, for example, weight problems, hypertension, trouble breathing, diabetes type 2, insomnia and even depression. And at some point in their lives, they might even suffer a heart attack. This is why we have to be careful and eat just to feed, not to satisfy. Even eating just a few large portions might be bad for the health, it is all about balance. Try to eat enough by eating healthy with the different combinations of food with the right portion.

Like it or not society gives you the wrong meaning of a food portion. Many of the fast food restaurants these days have on their menu, sizes like: Large, extra-large and XXL

So we must be very aware of portion control and change this for the health of all of us, and then pass this on to our loved one’s friends and anyone else that wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Constant motion is healthy for us

Another way to keep ourselves healthy besides eating well is a varied balanced exercise regime to burn those unwanted calories. That will make us feel even better about ourselves, and make this part of your daily lifestyle. There is no real need to join a gym, brisk walking some jogging playing some sports like badminton, table tennis, squash, or any other sport that suits you, this will create a healthy active body and mind alongside a healthy diet with portion control.

Personally, I  eat no more than 2500 calories a day and I weight in at 88 kg and 1.83 meters tall. I have learned to eat to feed not to satisfy,  it’s just a case of just cutting something in half sometimes and not just eating what’s in front of our eye’s. You don’t always have to finish what’s on the plate, there are no food police that is going to come and fine you for leaving food. A couple of examples from how I eat, are if I eat a baked potato or sweet potato medium size I will always only eat half and save the other half for another meal. Also with 2 minute microwave rice I used to eat the whole bag with a meal I then went down to half a bag a meal, now I can use a bag for 3 meals 4 tables spoons per meal being 12 tablespoons in a bag, better to add more greens than rice less carbs less calories you don’t have to go on a diet to loose weight just look at your portions.

Just to let you see who I am, this is me on holiday last November, father of 3 and grandfather of 6, age 53.As you can see the role of good exercise some stretching routines and portion control has worked for me and can work for you too.