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Changing your daily habits, routines, and mindset may sound like an easy thing to do; just wake up the next day and start to do things differently. If only it were that easy!

I will give you an example; recently I moved my cutlery drawer in the kitchen to another drawer; it took me nearly two weeks to stop going to the original drawer. This is because the mindset likes routine – good or bad. But it will adapt eventually if you want to make better choices and decisions, but it does take time.


My lifestyle is always geared to fitness and health. Although I have learned over the years to always looks for anything that can add or improve my food and exercise regime. A lot of people believe that what they know and how things are in their life is set in stone and that nothing needs to be changed.

They tell themselves that their mindset can’t or won’t change even if it is for the better. Some people do try but not for long enough. They tell themselves, “well at least I tried,” and then revert to the old routines. There is an old saying KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

Every New Year some of us decide to start afresh, lose weight, exercise, be more positive and open minded. But why not do it now or anytime in the year? We are all in control of our minds, although some people do not realise this. They are influenced by friends, other strong personalities who they think they may not measure up to, even the media spin.

Your mindset should make you choose to be with positive, happy people. Don’t read or listen to negative things, set yourself up to be positive and happy yourself. Thoughts are comprised of energy and can manifest to make things happen. Obstacles can’t stop you, problems can’t stop you, people can’t stop you, only you can stop you.

Set your mind to develop into the best person you can be. Old routines and habits are the things that can age you if they are the wrong ones. STEP OUT OF THE BOX INTO A NEW MINDSET.