Train Hard, Train Smart, Rest and Sleep

Train Hard

It sounds so obvious train hard and you will have a great workout. But one of the things that everyone has in the gym now days is a mobile phone, which when they stop their set and start looking into their phone they take so long between sets, that the body has probably gone passed its best period of time to get the best out of that set. I am not just saying this because I’m old school and there were no phones, but from my experience you need no more than 2 minutes between sets to keep the pump of the blood in your muscle circulating to the area you are training giving you the best results for training whatever body part you are working on.

Train Smart

By training smart I mean train the muscle not the joint, I have found over the years that if you want to stray away from injury which most of us do, train between 8 to 10 reps, and really feel the muscle you are training not just moving it from one place to another without focusing on the actual muscle you are working on. Your actual workout never needs to be over an hour-long, maybe slightly over when you are warming up and stretching.

Rest and Sleep

I believe these are the two biggest things people who train and get wrong, they don’t factor that when you are resting that you are repairing your muscle fibres and if not rested enough you are not getting the most out of your workout. It is especially true the older you get  the body needs more time to repair it self. I know from my many years of training that after a really good workout I also not only need my sleep to repair but  most of the time I sleep very soundly as a result of working with these 3 factors , train hard, train smart  and rest and sleep.